UK Mutual Aid Groups

Mapping our response to Covid-19

March 2020

My wife got laid off work - boo. So she signed up to deliver food for a food bank - yay!

She's not alone. Over 1,500 mutual aid groups have sprung up at and they've made their data open access. I mapped it out by borough to look for gaps in coverage: Purple = lots of groups, grey = less groups - can you help fill in the map?

UK Mutual Aid Groups

Connect with groups in your area or register a new group here

All UK regions are shown on this Tableau workbook.

Nice job Britain 😘

Making this visualisation

The insight in this piece is the number of groups by borough or local authority. To surface that we need to join point data (each group) with polygons (borough boundaries) and there's a great tutorial on doing this here: Advanced spatial joins in Tableau

It's not a technique I've used before but I can see myself using it much more in future.

The Tableau community were very supportive and it was an honour to see it make an appearance as Viz of the Day.