Hypergrowth companies in Europe

September 2019

Inc. 5000 is a sector-by-sector analysis of high growth companies. I used the data in their latest report to create this jitter plot of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Inc. 5000 Europe 2019

It was mostly just an excuse to do a pretty jitter plot. This is a nice visualisation for showing a dataset at both high and low level persepectives - particularly when looking for outliers.

In this instance it's very clear UICE Ukraine, Sanderson and Hiperion are in a league of their own in terms of growth.

The viz was also another experiment with Tableau's responsive layout options.

On the interactive version, the viz scales quite well in most viewports (including the orange directional lines) but in truth this may be the end of my efforts to get Tableau looking good on all devices.

It really isn't great at this stuff and I'm finding it excessively fiddly to get a truly smooth result.

Making this visualisation

Data source: Data.World

Tool: Tableau Public (interactive)