100 Years of British Politics

September 2019

This viz comes from new statistics made available by the House of Commons library.

Electoral data is often surprisingly awful but their latest dataset breaks down results by constituency right back to 1918 in a single, nice tidy spreadsheet.

It seemed like ideal data for an animated line chart race which turned out like this...

This video was my first real taste of a visualisation going a little bit viral.

Beyoncé probably won't be threatened by my minor success but it did clock up over 20,000 views across various social media channels and was the first time I managed top post on the /r/dataisbeautiful subreddit - bucket list tick whoop!

It was a fiddly piece to polish so the reaction made the effort seem worthwhile.

Thanks to all who watched and commented.

Making this visualisation

Data source: House of Commons Library

Tools: Number work in plain old Excel, racing line chart with Flourish, screen captured with Active Presenter and polished with Adobe Photoshop to synchronise the PM's faces into the video.