Reading list

Data visualisation books and newsletters I love


This list offers great data reading at a leisurely pace.

Quantum of Sollazzo
A weekly round-up of the visualisation and open data worlds by Giuseppe Sollazzo (@puntofiso)

Clean and super tight data stories every week, also useful for finding interesting data sources

The Sweet Spot
Tableau evangelist Andy Cotgreave sends you 3 things to read, watch or listen to every fortnight

Storytelling with Data
A round-up of the blogs and challenges from this amazing community. There's a link to join the mailing list on each article

Evergreen Data
Stephanie's blog was one of the first practical guides I found for visualisation. Occasionally controversial, always useful

Data is Plural
Jeremy Singer-Vine offers up an eclectic mix of weird and wonderful datasets every week. I'm addicted

Erin Davis Data Stuff
I love Erin's work! When she makes something new, you get an email

Weekly viz round-ups, do's and don'ts, maps and opinions

Tableau Public
Daily inspiration from the Tableau community

Warning: Graphic Content
Gavin Freeguard's weekly links on data viz, data journalism, data and government (@gavinfreeguard)

ONS Blog
An endless stream of UK data and useful background on how the statisticians gather it. A must for open data fans

Staying on my bookshelf...

Effective Data Storytelling
Tableau Strategies
Real Ultimate Power - The Official Ninja Book